Saturday, December 23, 2017

कौन थे?

जलती रही जोहर में नारियां
भेड़िये फ़िर भी मौन थे।
हमें पढाया गया अकबर'' महान,
तो फिर महाराणा प्रताप कौन थे।
सड़ती रही लाशें सड़को पर 
गांधी फिर भी मौन थे,
हमें पढ़ाया गांधी के चरखे से आजादी आयी,
तो फांसी चढ़ने वाले 25-25 साल के वो जवान कौन थे

वो रस्सी आज भी संग्रहालय में है
जिस्से गांधीजी बकरी बांधा करते थे
किन्तु वो रस्सी कहां है
जिस पे भगत सिंह , सुखदेव और राजगुरु हसते हुए झूले थे

" हालात.ए.मुल्क देख के रोया न गया...
कोशिश तो की पर मूंह ढक के सोया न गया".
जाने कितने झूले थे फाँसी पर,कितनो ने गोली खाई थी....
क्यो झूठ बोलते हो साहब, कि चरखे से आजादी आई थी....
मंगल पांडे को फाँसी
तात्या टोपे को फाँसी
रानी लक्ष्मीबाई को अंग्रेज सेना ने घेर कर मारा
भगत सिंह को फाँसी
सुखदेव को फाँसी
राजगुरु को फाँसी
चंद्रशेखर आजाद का एनकाउंटर अंग्रेज पुलिस द्वारा
सुभाषचन्द्र बोस को गायब करा दिया गया
भगवती चरण वोहरा बम विस्फोट में मृत्यु
रामप्रसाद बिस्मिल को फाँसी
अशफाकउल्लाह खान को फाँसी
रोशन सिंह को फाँसी
लाला लाजपत राय की लाठीचार्ज में मृत्यु
वीर सावरकर को कालापानी की सजा
चाफेकर बंधू (३ भाई) को फाँसी
मास्टर सूर्यसेन को फाँसी
ये तो कुछ ही नाम है जिन्होंने स्वतन्त्रता संग्राम और इस देश की आजादी में अपना सर्वोच्च बलिदान दिया
कई वीर ऐसे है हम और आप जिनका नाम तक नहीं जानते 
एक बात समझ में आज तक नही आई कि भगवान ने गांधी और नेहरु को ऐसे कौन से कवच-कुण्डंल दिये थे
जिसकी वजह से अग्रेंजो ने इन दोनो को फाँसी तो दूर, कभी एक लाठी तक नही मारी...
उपर से यह दोनों भारत के बापू और चाचा बन गए और इनकी पीढ़ियाँ आज भी पूरे देश के उपर अपना पेंटेंट समझती है

लेखक अज्ञात 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brazil Diaries - III

The weather in Brazil is opposite to what we have in India here..... Fortunately, my friend advised me to get jacket/Umbrella etc however, it didn't came to my mind once to check actual weather condition there.
On reaching, I realized that during May-June (which was peak summer in India), it was chilling cold in Sao Paulo .. and temperatures went down to 4 degree Celsius with mild and heavy showers of rain. 
Anyways, I was covered for this weather, thanks to Nilesh :)
Continuing the journey, I got chance to visit two beautiful cities and world famous tourist places in Brazil.
One of those was Rio De Janeiro - A beautiful coastal city which is now more famous due to recently held Olympic games. You can visit mainly famous monuments and places of interest like Sugar loaf (mountain view where you can reach via cable car), Christo (Famous Christ monument) and of course the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. 
There is also a place called Escadaria Selarón (Selaron Steps', is a set of world-famous steps in Rio)

Next city is Foz de Iguazu (where you have the world famous Iguazu falls), a must visit if time permits. You can take bus (around 16 hours of one way journey) or book flight tickets in advance which will be faster journey of course,
Main attaractions are National park, falls and Bird Park. The bird park houses lots of varieties of exotic and latin american birds including Macau and Parrots.

There a city near Sao Paulo famous for European style houses and architect, known as Campos De Jordao.

Monday, September 05, 2016

Brazil Diaries - II

My Journey to Brazil has been really fulfilling in terms of knowledge & professional experience, however, in addition, I really enjoyed knowing a different culture and place.
I went to Sao Paulo city which, although seems to be, but not the capital of Brazil (it is Brasília). It is a large cosmopolitan city and is capital of the same name State (Sao Paulo) which is Brazil's most populous and wealthiest state.

This business city with huge skyscrapers and infrastructure has lot of historical and new age monuments, parks and museums and is home for lot of migrant population (like other Brazilian cities) including Italian, Portuguese, German, Arab, Jewish and Japanese.

Since the 19th century people began migrating from northeastern Brazil into São Paulo. This migration grew enormously and remained huge in the next decades.

I was not surprised to see lot of Chinese dominance in markets and city though.

My personal experience was limited to visiting places of most interest in Sao Paulo which included,
  • Ibirapuera Park -  has a large area for leisure, jogging and walking and has a large museum of modern art

  • Sao Paulo Cathedral
  • Mercado Municipal – Local market to buy food ingredients
  • Few famous streets of SP like Paulista Avenue, Rua 25 de Março, Vila Madalena
  • Nearby beach of Santos
  • Cultural center
  • Liberdade – the Japanese neighbourhood and street fair on Sunday
  • Sao Paulo Aquarium
Various shopping malls in SP (typical for most of the Indians whether they are in or out of India)

Link to Part 1

Guncha - Neha Kakkar (Live Studio Session)

Nice Ghazal by Neha....

Guncha - blossoming (bud) flower
Guncha koi mere naam kar diya, saaqi ne fir se mera jaam bhar diya
Tum jaisa koi nahi is jahaan mein, subah ko teri zulf ne shaam kar diya
Mehfil mein baar baar idhar dekha kiye, aankhon ke jazeeron ko mere naam kar diya
Hosh bekhabar se hue unke baghair, wo jo humse keh na sake dil ne keh diya

Monday, August 15, 2016

Brazil Diaries - I

During my Visit to Brazil, I was impressed and amazed by the friendliness, warmth and hospitality of the people.
Though most of these people are  migrants and not really native Brazilians, they know how to live as one.

People do love to maintain oral hygiene and they are serious about it... I mean "really" serious....
Apart from it, one simple (yet powerful..) proverb I learnt in Brazil.. which I think can resolve many of the conflicts going around the world....goes like this...

Religion is like a toothpaste, you will use yours, and I will use mine.. we both really do not not care,  what each of us are using and neither it will impact how we treat each other.

By the way, Brazil has lowest government restrictions on religion among 25 most populous nations

Saturday, June 04, 2016